Will a copper ring turn my finger green? Our old Celtic coin craft design ring did and here’s why.

We learned the hard way, reveals all disaster story from our old Celtic coin craft ring collection. 

Yes, a copper ring will turn finger green for sure. A few years back now in 2014 one of our old collection of coin rings was called “Celtic coin craft” we created  rings with lucky Irish copper penny coins, they looked very unique and were selling very well but, by revealing some facts of what happened to our copper rings we hope this will provide you with some valuable information to consider before you purchase an Irish coin ring or any other copper ring for that matter.

The most common issue we had before we stopped making our design of Celtic coin craft edition rings was “the ring is turning my finger black” once again “sale lost money refunded”, and very unhappy customers indeed, not much use to a startup business. why does this happen and what if any is the solution.


Each person’s skin reacts differently to copper. For most people, it will turn their skin green when worn, there are very few, and I mean very few people who can ware copper jewelry. Again, we asked other crafters and designers what they do to stop this ugly discoloration from happening, we were anxious to learn as we were selling the same product and fast so we needed to fix the problem. This was the most common answer “If you want to try and prevent the ring from turning your finger green you can apply clear nail polish to the inside of the ring. The nail polish coating will prevent the ring’s metal “copper” from coming into contact with your skin and prevent your finger from turning green. The clear polish will eventually wear off and when it does just stick another coat of the nail polish, Bla Bla Bla,. 

Were the new owners of such rings being told this before they purchase, “we were not telling anyone because we were new to the game, green, wet behind the ears so to speak we did not know at this early stage”

I made a copper ring to show you good people what happens. I painted the ring on the inside with clear nail varnish and started wearing it myself. After about 3 weeks I noticed the discoloration build up under the clear nail varnish, black and green and on week 4 the varnish started to fall off and of course my finger turned black. I documented the events with photos to show exactly what happened.


There is no solution, industrial sealed, nail varnish whatever, it will not work. But If you want spend your hard earned cash, anything from €70 to €350 on a copper ring knowing you will have to highly maintain it then this ring is for you. We discontinued making copper rings now I can sleep at night knowing I have not caused any disappointment, frustration or sadness by selling a copper ring to someone knowing it will turn their finger green or black.