Our old design silver Celtic coin craft rings stained and turning finger green

Celtic coin craft ring was the name we gave to our design of silver Irish coin rings when we first started making the Irish coin ring back in 2013. By reading this I hope to provide you with some valuable information to think about before you purchase an Irish coin ring or any other silver coin ring for that matter.

The most common complaint we received before we stopped making our design of Celtic Irish coin ring from silver shillings, Florins and half crowns was “the ring is turning my finger black” “sale lost money refunded”, not much use to a startup business. Let's now investigate the reason why this happens and what if any is the solution.


Silver Irish coins were minted between 1928 and 1943 the metal content was .750 silver the rest of the percentage was copper except for a few 1943 coins which had a higher silver content by mistake. “oh no! there it is “copper”, of course it will turn your finger black or green”. Then you have the 1951 to 1963 shillings, Florins and half crowns, they are made of an alloy, “cupro nickel” this alloy will certainly turn your finger black or green or worse leave you with a nasty skin rash.

We were amazed as to how so many shops, designers, crafters and so on were selling these beautiful looking rings, 100s if not 1000s being sold every year on the internet alone, what were we doing wrong? or were the facts being hidden and reviews not being showed, we decided to find out.

After contacting other designers and asking for help we thought we had found out what we were doing wrong, we were not sealing the rings on the inside. Seal your rings inside with industrial metal sealer some said. “what the hell, industrial sealer, very dangerous someone could have a severe allergic reaction to the chemical” no way! others said tell you unhappy customers to clean the inside of the ring and paint it with clear nail varnish. Ok, so I decided I will give the second option a try, “not on a customer of course.

I painted a ring on the inside with clear nail varnish and started wearing it myself, I must say I was surprised for the first week no discoloration at all, Winner! not so fast, after about 3 weeks I noticed the discoloration build up under the clear nail varnish, black and green and on week 4 the varnish started to fall off and of course my finger turned black. I documented the process in the photos.


On this one I am sorry to say folks, there is no solution, industrial sealed, nail varnish whatever, it will not work. But If you have fell in love with the Idea of owning a silver coin ring, no matter what country it is from please do some research, never buy a coin ring made from a coin that has a silver content less than sterling silver or .999 fine silver. Most countries have mint issue uncirculated or commemorative coins which are perfect for the job.

For example, we use a 2 types of mint issue commemorative coins, The .925 silver Ha’ penny bridge coin or the proclamation of the Irish republic. For our USA rings we use the American silver eagle which is .999 fine silver.

So, there it is, I hope this helps someone avoid the disappointment, frustration or sadness caused by a ring you had hoped to love and cherish for life, don’t forget your new ring will be your symbol of love, happiness, friendship or marriage, before you buy do your homework for goodness sake.