Based in Dublin Ireland, we create handmade truly unique and stylish, bespoke Eco-friendly silver coin wedding band and engagement rings like no other.

We are a family run business of Irish artisan designers who create custom handmade truly unique and stylish bespoke Eco-friendly wedding band and engagement rings. Based in Dublin, EireEcoRings was founded in 2014 after a friend challenged me to make him a wedding ring from an American silver eagle coin and somehow incorporate some Connemara marble into the ring. It took many attempts then “bingo” I finally achieved it, a silver wedding ring like no other that was totally unique.

The day of his wedding came and that evening my friend commented to me, “Andy this ring is a real conversation piece, it’s been off my finger more than on today because of people admiring it”. To me it felt a little like I was at the wedding as a sales rep trying to drum up sales “I was not there for that, I already had a secure full-time job”


From that one ring, the day of the wedding I was asked by admires of my friend’s wedding ring if I could possibly make a ring for them based on their own custom design ideas. I took 3 orders that very day, fast forward, and a year later orders were coming in too fast for one pair of hands to handle so I took on my brother to help.


We now ship over 100 rings a month all over the world. All the skills we use to make our designs are self-taught, I made many rings as a hobby for many months vigorously testing and perfecting the method of construction before I had the confidence and extra peace of mind knowing my rings could stand the test of time enabling me to have the courage to take the next step, pack in my full time job and turn my hobby into a business.

Our first venture into online selling was when we launched our Etsy store in 2014. Things took off so fast, to date we 


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have almost 2125 sales with Etsy with and 100% feedback on over 540 reviews. We owe a big thank you to the Etsy sales team and community who help us well on our way in our venture into what was for us an unknown territory.