Wooden wedding rings Ireland. Unique wooden wedding bands, custom Jameson whiskey barrel wooden rings

Our Jameson Irish whisky barrel wooden wedding rings are just one example of our wooden rings. We feel Jameson whiskey made in Ireland is a nice patriotic statement to apply to our wooden wedding bands, for some because it's their favorite drink others because of the Irish American history and for many it’s because of the fact the wood is being recycled and put to good use again adding just another chapter to its history.

The wood itself is amazing, no other piece of Oak could come close to matching its unique characteristics. It has an array of light and dark colors when examined closely, very dark browns, dark browns, light browns and honey colors. Oh! And of course, something you can’t experience like me is, “the aroma” the smell from the whiskey and bourbon-soaked wood when being worked is amazing.

Depending on the color of the wood you would like for your new ring will define from where on the barrel stave the wood will be cut from. The lighter cuts of wood come from the outer of the barrel and the darker from the inside where the barrel has been scorched with fire many years ago to seal the barrel and add color and flavor to the bourbon.

It is not easy to find genuine Jameson Irish whiskey barrels among the countless commercial reproductions you can find in any garden center. I was lucky enough to obtain a few end of life genuine Jameson Irish whiskey barrels over the past few years made from American white Oak. These barrels are more than 100 yrs old and would have been used In America many years ago to store and mature bourbon before making its way to Ireland to store and mature Jameson Irish whiskey. It would have had Irish whisky soaking into its wood for at least 18 yrs.