Deer antler wedding band Ireland. Custom deer antler ring, ethical antler wedding rings Irish antler wedding band.

Handcrafted deer antler wedding band. Custom deer antler ring Ireland. Ethically sourced antler wedding rings unique Irish deer antler wedding band. If you decided, you like idea of having a deer antler wedding band or engagement ring there are few things you should look out for and ask the designer questions about before purchasing a deer antler ring. The main and most important thing is to find a ring designer who totally seals the antler. Deer antler is porous, it breathes so to speak, and if left in its raw form is will shrink and swell with cold and warmer temperatures, it is also like a sponge and will soak in water. The antler needs to be treated in such a way to stop movement and make it 100% water proof, this cannot be achieved by making a ring and just sealing the outside with super glue which will wear away and soon let moisture into the antler causing a ring to fall apart.


We take grate care when processing our raw antler, we firstly vacuum the antler in a vacuum chamber with resin for 3-4 days then we pressurize it in a pressure pot for another 3-4 days and finally bake it for 3 hours to activate the resin which hardens like glass only then is it 100% water proof and rock hard

The deer antler we use when crafting one of our rings is ethically sourced and mainly foraged in Ireland, deep in the Kerry mountains where after the deer rutting season a stag had shed, or cast, his antlers. Red Stag deer shed or cast their antlers every year in this way.


Red deer are Irelandā€™s largest and only native species to Ireland. They are said to have inhabited Ireland since the end of the last Ice Age (c. 10,000 BC) they roamed freely throughout Ireland, unfortunately as for so much of Ireland's flora and fauna because of deforestation, over hunting and the Great Famine (1845 - 1847) many Red deer populations became extinct.