Custom Irish ring. Handmade Irish wedding rings, unique bog Oak Celtic wedding bands.

Unique Irish ring. Handcrafted Irish wedding rings custom made just for you. Genuine Irish bog Oak Celtic wedding bands. For us nothing feels as good as crafting a ring and from wood that is more than 5000 years old, not just any old wood but Irish bog Oak wood. This wood is amazing to work with and carries you away with your thoughts leaving you with a feeling of a connection to nature. It has an earthly smell to it while being processed reminding me of the damp smell of a hardwood forest, or the aroma of smoke from a peat fire bellowing out of an old stone chimney stack house in the countryside.


Bog Oak holds its pride of place throughout Irish history and is one of the more majestic of the Irish woods. The bog Oak we use is totally black, so it must be 5000-6000 years old at least. It was excavated from the midlands of Ireland from a bog where once stood part of a great Oak forest that covered a large part of Ireland four to six thousand years ago. When one of these great Oaks fell into a swamp which later turned into a bog, the chemistry of the bog reacted



with the wood, preserving and transforming it creating its unique color. Peat bogs where bog Oak is normally found usually as a by-product of turf cutting make up about 5% of the Irish landscape. Today because of the wonderful conservation efforts being carried out here in Ireland bog Oak has become very scarce indeed.

We go to great lengths to source top quality Irish bog Oak. For us it must  be dense and jet black, as black as coal, it is for this reason we never have to use any wood dyes to make it totally black creating the illusion the wood is old, we just use the best wood we can find knowing its old.